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We are strengthening the franchise systems with new ones
Google tools and innovative strategies

As a Google agency specializing in franchises, we are your partner for highly effective online marketing.
Put an end to the watering can principle.

The problem

Online marketing is often carried out using the watering can principle. According to the motto “a lot helps a lot”, budgets are distributed uncoordinated to numerous locations and managed with a standardized strategy. A real success control and optimization on a detailed level rarely takes place. Multipliers and individual growth opportunities are not used. The geographical differences between the franchisees are not taken into account.

The solution

In cooperation with Google and selected franchise partners, we have developed solutions that have been proven to lead to more sales and a high level of transparency. We know very well that for our customers a verifiable added value is the guarantee of a long-term partnership.
Our services
for successful franchise marketing
  • Individual concepts
    We create strategic concepts that are individually tailored to each partner and their branches.
  • Support for every location
    Each location is treated individually and receives the support that makes it successful.
  • Up to date
    We use the latest Google tools and procedures to maximize the visibility of the site in its local area.
  • Daily controlling
    Continuous data analyzes guarantee the success of our campaigns. These are always adapted to the current situation in order to be able to guarantee continuous success. We don’t have any “fire and forget” campaigns.
  • Comprehensible reports
    Regular reports are created in such a way that you transmit valuable data to the system headquarters on the one hand, but also collect the franchisees.

Our service packages

Price on request

Franchise Booster
  • There are various modules available that can be booked individually.

Price on request

Franchise Butler
  • After a short training period, your franchisees will be able to place online advertising in their local area.

Price on request

Digital Coach
  • Benefit from the entire range of digital marketing opportunities.

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SOWESPOKE AG is a Google Premier partner. This seal recognizes top Google Ads agencies that have many years of experience in managing large and complex advertising campaigns. With us you can be sure that your advertising budget is being used efficiently.
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