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Lecture series: China meets Europe

The SOWESPOKE AG with decisive topics: Germany in dialogue with China!

In cooperation with the German-Chinese company BangNi and BVMW Thema, SOWESPOKE AG organized a series of lectures entitled “China meets Europe – the Online Marketing Dialogue” at Tectrum / Duisburg on 5 September.

After the greeting by Anja Merl of BVMW Duisburg (Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft) the specialists of SOWESPOKE AG Jürgen Walleneit and Andy Kulosa as well as Michelle Lorenz and Raik Richter of the German-Chinese company BangNi got to the bottom of the requirements for successful online marketing in the Chinese and German markets.

Which criteria must German entrepreneurs observe in the Chinese market and when are German SMEs successful in this context in the long term? Answers to these and other questions were explained entertainingly and in detail during the course of the evening and discussed at the subsequent get-together.

Michelle Lorenz and Raik Richter reported on e-commerce and social media in China and the resulting opportunities and challenges for German SMEs. BangNi offers accompanying marketing strategies for WeChat and E-Commerce, which open the virtual way to China and confirm the lively dialogue between China and Germany.

The People’s Republic of China is considered the world’s largest e-commerce market and offers enormous sales opportunities for German companies. As a one-stop app, WeChat occupies a leading position among Chinese users and is regarded as a miracle weapon for addressing Chinese customers.

Jürgen Walleneit also gave a lecture on digital transformation in Germany and reported on his more than 20 years of digital experience on the importance of websites and online shops in conjunction with social media marketing.

Together with Andy Kulosa, he enlightened the audience about the special significance of Google’s search engine and AdWords and how the interaction between these media, methods and systems helps to become and remain successful.

With over 40 participants, the event was a complete success: there was a relaxed atmosphere and the same evening, following the lecture series, the first discussions on business relations between Germany and China took place. We take this as an activity to carry out further events on these topics.

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