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Just think of the 168-hour week …

… Simply work around the clock: Many of your future “employees” will no longer need free time – because they are robots and computers. According to the Dell Report, the interaction between man and machine will reach a dimension by 2030 which is hard to imagine. Digital marketing will then determine the success of a company.

Autonomous driving is practically already reality. The first “Robot-Cars” are doing their laps on test tracks. But how will artificial intelligence affect our offices and workplaces by 2030?

Dell Technologies sent this question to 20 international experts from technology, science, and business and published their answers in the report “The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships”. The scenario outlined here calls for new corporate strategies in which digital marketing plays a central role.

According to the forecast, 85 percent of occupations that will be commonplace in 13 years do not exist today, a striking example of the intensity and speed with which the digitization of the working world will progress according to experts.

Companies will use “new, data-driven switching technologies” for their international personnel recruitment. Jobs will shift more and more from concrete locations to a borderless network. Perfectly networked computers and robots will perform essential tasks and put their precision at the service of the team.

Our conclusion: Some things may still sound like science fiction today. The development is real and irreversible. With all its consequences, it will change us more quickly than we suspect today. Every company is well advised to face these challenges at an early stage.

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